T-Mobile’s Hybrid Workplace Success Story: Unlocking the Hybrid Dividend

T-Mobile slashed real estate costs by 80% with LiquidSpace

During the past few years of disruption, organizations are rethinking their traditional office setups.

Flexible office space has emerged as a game-changer for companies seeking to adapt to a dispersed workforce while reducing real estate costs. T-Mobile is leading the charge, demonstrating the power of this visionary approach.

At WorkSpaces ’23, Brennan Veys, T-Mobile’s Director of Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Future of Work, revealed how on-demand flexible office space empowered T-Mobile to embrace flexible work. The result? A staggering 80% reduction in real estate costs, proving that on-demand workspace is not just a trend but a revolution in efficient workplace management.

What is LiquidSpace?

LiquidSpace offers the largest marketplace of flexible office spaces worldwide. It also offers hybrid work software designed for businesses to manage hybrid or remote teams effectively. The platform connects businesses with flexible workspaces like meeting rooms, private offices, coworking spaces, and desks.

This enables companies to sidestep the fixed expenses linked to conventional leases. Instead, they can pay only for the space they need when they need it. Additionally, LiquidSpace provides real-time utilization insights, empowering better workspace planning by offering detailed information on employee behaviors and workspace usage.

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