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Stratodesk and Amulet: Secure Virtual Workstation Solutions for Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Stratodesk and Amulet Hotkey have joined forces to bring powerful end-to-end security solutions to the remote working market.

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With the rise of remote and hybrid working models, businesses are seeking efficient solutions to enable their employees to work from anywhere.

No matter where employees are and what device they are using they demand high performance from their apps and IT needs to have the confidence in the data security.

Stratodesk offers a software-only Thin Client with a hardware agnostic OS delivering the data center power to the endpoint with manageability, cost-efficiency and security for the business and IT. All the data resides in the data center or in the cloud, and no user data is in the endpoint.

Stratodesk’s innovative solutions empower organizations to embrace remote and hybrid working models with confidence. By providing secure remote access, centralized management, and enhanced productivity and collaboration features, Stratodesk enables businesses to adapt to the evolving workplace landscape and unlock the full potential of their workforce.

NoTouch OS

Stratodesk Mobilizes Work from Home by enabling your remote workforce to access and manage virtual apps and cloud workspaces with its NoTouch Desktop solution, which enables organizations to transform any device into a secure and centrally managed endpoint for virtual desktops.

A key challenge for Virtual Desktop adoption is how you handle the existing local devices. This is a huge problem for many enterprises, as these endpoints will require individual attention, maintenance and updates.

In addition, there’s the hardware problem. What do you do with your existing devices. Do you upgrade all of them to Windows 10? Do you replace all of your devices with new, cutting edge PCs able to handle a local Windows 10 installation?

All of these issues can quickly cost a fortune.

Stratodesk offers a solution for addressing this scenario: PC Conversion (also known as Repurposing) is fully hardware agnostic. The Linux-based OS, NoTouch OS, replaces local Windows installations.

For BYOD scenarios and personal devices, it can also run side-by-side with Windows. What’s more, Stratodesk NoTouch OS comes ready to connect to your Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) deployment in Microsoft Azure directly out of the box, and now fully supports RemoteApps.

Virtual Desktop users can gain incredible cost savings from PC Conversion. Industry leading organizations have saved as much as $2 million from avoiding PC replacement costs alone. What’s more, enterprises save a fortune as IT labor is redirected away from low-level maintenance costs and instead towards more meaningful work.

Lastly, once your devices are converted, they can be easily managed via Stratodesk NoTouch Center. NoTouch Center is the premier endpoint management solution for AVD. NoTouch Center lets you manage thousands of VDI Thin Clients and other devices from one easy-to-use management center. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be easily set, configured and synced.

NoTouch Center is available via the Azure Marketplace.


Stratodesk has also partnered with Amulet, a renowned provider of remote workstation, virtualization, and remote access solutions.

Endpoint OS pioneer, Stratodesk, and high-performance hardware specialist, Amulet Hotkey, have joined forces to bring powerful end-to-end security solutions to the market that do not only address current security challenges, but also set future standards in reliability, endpoint protection and customer satisfaction.

Amulet provides solutions for remote workstations and thin/zero clients, and the partnership enables Stratodesk to offer certified hardware such as the high-performance workstation DX1600 & DX1300 from Amulet Hotkey with NoTouch OS preinstalled, ready to be managed with NoTouch Center.

Amulet provides hardware-based security measures, such as secure boot and encrypted storage, which protect endpoints from unauthorized access and data breaches. Stratodesk complements this by offering advanced security features at the software level, including secure remote access, multi-factor authentication, and granular access controls.

Stratodesk’s endpoint management software combined with Amulet’s hardware solution significantly improves the overall management of endpoints. Administrators can easily deploy and configure endpoints, update software and firmware, and monitor device performance from a centralized console. This streamlines IT operations, reduces downtime, and enhances the user experience.

By leveraging the combined power of Stratodesk and Amulet, organizations can optimize their endpoint management and achieve greater efficiency and security.

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