Workspaces provide virtual environments for teams to meet, collaborate and action projects.

Intranet Builder

By utilizing and integrating apps like Sharepoint and Teams, organizations can create environments that blend knowledge sharing, collaboration and communications.

Collaboration Platform

A Digital Workspace provides the core intranet environment for your organization to meet and collaborate virtually, utilizing social networking features to better connect expertise across the enterprise.

Apps Catalogue

Through additional apps and code modules, this can be enhanced to address specific workflow use cases like Project Management, Sales and HR, including integration with enterprise apps like SAP for end-to-end processes.

Plug & Play Customization

Your Sharepoint intranet can be entirely customized to suit your organizations
design style and functionality requirements.

Style and Layout Design

All facets of your Sharepoint intranet can be tailored to your organizations style preferences, including logos, colours, headers/footers and navigation structure.

Forms and Workflows

Using Power Automate you can configure workflows in your Sharepoint environment, and you can use the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to render custom web parts on a SharePoint pages.

Customizing Your Digital Workspace

Read our expert article series on how to customize your Sharepoint portal and extend it's functionality through add-ins and developments.




Your Digital Workspace can also be extended through third-party applications from partners.

These provide functionality for a range of use case scenarios, from HR to software development.

Workvivo is an 'Employee Communication platform' designed to build natural, meaningful bonds between teams, allowing companies to reach and engage their employees everywhere. from Flyte is a Microsoft Teams app for assessing and improving team morale.

These apps extend the capabilities of Google Workspace, offering additional features and customization options to suit individual needs.

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