Virtual Work Infrastructure

End User Computing Strategies
for the Distributed Enterprise

End User Computing

Enabling Platform for
The Future of Work

End User Computing (EUC) plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to adapt to the changing dynamics of work and embrace The Future of Work.

End User Computing refers to the technologies and solutions that empower end-users to access and utilize applications, data, and resources from any device, at any time, and from any location. It encompasses a range of tools and platforms that enable individuals to work efficiently and securely, regardless of their physical location.

Adopting these capabilities presents considerable challenges for both small and large organizations, from the practical tools and infrastructure through culture and practices.

For example Computer Weekly reported almost two-thirds of businesses fear their IT estate is incapable of supporting a hybrid workforce, with 48% admitting that remote staff don’t have access to the same solutions as office workers.

Virtual Work Infrastructure (VWi) addresses these challenges through uniting the spectrum of technologies required to span the enterprise virtually across a distributed workforce.

Empowering the Virtual Workforce

Enable staff to work securely from anywhere, on any device.

Traditional enterprise IT has grown from a central premise that staff are all located in offices, and thus strains to accommodate a new world of work, where teams are now distributed across the world.

Virtual Work Infrastructure enables IT teams to decouple their enterprise technology from on-premise equipment and operate it at a global, distributed Internet scale.
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Industry Insights

An ongoing best practice article series on enterprise strategies for EUC adoption.

Comparing the two virtual desktop offerings from Microsoft, and which use case each is ideal for.
A detailed analysis of why and how Lloyds chose and implemented AVD for their enterprise-wide virtual desktop platform.
Microsoft offers a suite of products and best practices for configuring your enterprise infrastructure to securely enable remote working.
Partner Services & Solutions

Digital Workspace Implementation

With the pandemic-driven explosion in remote work, businesses are finding their traditional EUC infrastructure inadequate and restrictive.

Enabling employees to work from anywhere and access the work applications they need requires an integrated suite of infrastructure services that spans Cloud hosting, Identity, Devices and Endpoint Security:

Cloud Desktops

Services to migrate users from on-premise infrastructure to Cloud-hosted Virtual Desktops and Cloud PCs. Enable staff to work and access apps remotely across a variety of devices via a low-latency experience.

Devices and OS

Provide users with the modern devices needed to utilize these services. This may require an upgrade of existing devices and operating systems, and legacy desktop applications may also need to be modernized.

Identity and Security

Design and configure Identity Access, Firewall and VPN policies, and implement end point monitoring and data protection services.

Solution Guide

For organizations seeking to implement EUC Virtual Work Infrastructure we offer a detailed guide to Digital Workspace solutions, covering technology and implementation, including Maturity Model and Adoption Roadmap.

Support Community

Our user community provides an online collaboration space for peer support, feature requests and product roadmaps, with dedicated zones for adoption scenarios like AVD.


Listings of Partners who specialize in
Virtual Working and offer implementation services.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed virtual desktop infrastructure solution. It provides a secure and reliable environment for users to access their desktops and applications.
Citrix, a leading provider of digital workspace solutions, offers a range of tools and technologies to enable seamless remote working experiences.
Combining Hardware Power & Software Flexibility for Enhanced Performance & Endpoint Security.

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