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Digital Enterprise

Building Your Virtual Office in the Cloud
Best practices and technology solutions for empowering distributed, remote teams to work virtually.


The Future of Work

Solutions designed to empower organizations to embrace The Future of Work.


Digital Enterprise Maturity Model

Assess your capacities for virtual working and plan a maturity roadmap.


Vodafone Open Sources Global Best Practices with GitHub and Microsoft’s Azure DevOps


Nasdaq’s Sr. Director of Software Engineering, explains how they are achieving their cloud transformation vision.

Case Study Showcase

Enterprise Thought Leaders

DevOps Flow is a repeatable best practice model based on insights from McKinsey, Microsoft, BMW, Scotiabank, Mastercard and many more.

Featuring case studies of enterprise organizations like Starbucks, Pepsi and Coca Cola, we document best practices through real-world lessons learned, supported by a regular schedule of tutorials, product news and peer networking webinars.

Scotiabank has expanded their capacity for digital innovation through a Software Factory model and Cloud Native application platform.

Supporting Your Digital Transformation Journey

Virtual Work Solutions address the primary foundations that enable organizations to adopt distributed remote working, spanning the tools for collaboration through the required enterprise infrastructure.
DevOps Flow is a methodology for implementing high performance, Cloud-centric software development, based on a science developed by pioneers like Toyoto to optimize factory lines and apply this to software engineering.

Optimized Cost Solutions

Our experts can help adopt the most cost effective solutions and optimize your IT spending.

State of the Art Tools

Through our global partners network we offer the latest technology innovations.

Subject Matter Experts

Multi-discipline teams can be rapidly assembled to address a diverse range of projects.

Digital Workspace

A social intranet that provides community and collaboration apps for an organization to share information and manage project work

Team Flow

A set of practices for speeding the throughput of work across teams.


UCCaaS provides the core building blocks for virtual enterprise collaboration.

Virtual Work Infrastructure

Modernizing enterprise IT to support and enable a distributed workforce.

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