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The Future
of Work

Exploring the Transformation of Where, How and Why We Work

The ‘Future of Work’ is such a potent topic as it spans multiple dimensions of a major evolution of cultural, business and technological trends.

With the advent of the Metaverse our futures may see the emergence an entirely immersive virtual environment for our office work, and the accelerating capabilities of Generative Ai will dramatically transform how work is performed, augmenting human capacity in ways never before imagined.

In immediate practical terms there are cultural challenges, a tug of war between those who believe working from home is now the established norm, versus traditionalists who require staff to be in offices.

There are also basic IT difficulties. For example Computer Weekly reported almost two-thirds of businesses fear their IT estate is incapable of supporting a hybrid workforce, with 48% admitting that remote staff don’t have access to the same solutions as office workers. 

This guide is intended for executives and technical teams embarking on this transformational journey, sharing insights and best practices that provide a blueprint for addressing these challenges, and exploring the long term evolution that will dramatically transform business and society.

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