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Creating a Zoom Events Hub

Event hubs are collections of previous and future events organized into a single location, allowing you to streamline the user experience and showcase your brand.

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Zoom Events Hubs are a central repository and digital collection of past, current, and future events and recordings.

More than just an event archive, Hubs allow you to categorize content and access events within a single site.

Hubs can be categorized around event types, subject matters, hosts, teams, topics, and even audiences. They’re used to host the actual events as well as store post-event recordings.

Event Hubs fall into two types: External or Internal. Before you create a Hub, you’ll need to decide how much visibility and access you intend for your events to have. External Hubs can host both public and private events. Internal Hubs, however, can only host private events.

Use an Events Hub to:

  • Extend your content shelf life: Once an event is over, it doesn’t have to be forgotten. Hubs become a content destination to carry on the conversation long after an event is complete.
  • Augment your lead-generation efforts: Extend the efforts of your sales and marketing teams by offering an on-demand resource library for prospects. External Hubs with public-facing events can be valuable lead-generating tools for prospects and customers who like to self-serve and interact with your brand at their convenience.
  • Drastically simplify link sharing: Your Hub link stays the same regardless of the events it comprises. Instead of wasting time retrieving links or hosting individual landing pages, you can organize all of your events with just one URL.
  • Showcase your brand: Customize a Hub with your brand logo, profile images, and social media handles to deliver a professional, cohesive experience to anyone visiting.
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